The New Museum.

On Friday December 10, 2010 I went with my Print Media class to The New Museum. We went there to check out The Last Newspaper. It was three floors filled with newspapers, some from all over the world. Others from right here New York. Each floor had something different.

One floor contained a couple of mannequins that were dressed in grown with paper clipping of pictures all over them. Each one contained something different, pictures of soldiers, spring break, stock market crashing, prisoners, words, and bodies brutally hurt. Around the corner were stacks of news papers from different countries it seemed.

On another floor was a huge room with more newspapers. They all seemed to revolve around one theme, and it was the war that was taking place now. Few frames contained stories about a women who was trying to save those who didn’t want to live in iraq anymore. In the end, ended up dying in a car crash. Other frames contained stories about Saddam Hussein from the start of the chase all the way to the end. 

The last floor had tables and tables of newspapers that stood out. Space, Army, Celebrities, and such. Few of them were personal ads they were rather funny to read.


I went to MoMA on Wednesday November 24, 2010. I have never been to this museum before, and I have to say it was one of my favorite museums out of the three I have visited this year. The MoMA has about eight floors, counting the two floors under the lobby. Though I only visited the six main floors, and each had something amazing to look at. The art variety from soft to crazy, dark to light and even in between. Each one of them would stand out in their own ways.

I really enjoyed the feminist paintings and photographs. I was more excited to see Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Monet. Jackson Pollock being one of my favorite artist, as well as Vincent Van Gogh. They had many of Jack Pollock’s splash pantings, and a few of his earlier years paintings. I got to see Vincent Van Gogh famous Starry Night painting. They also had Andy Warhol. His famous Campbell soup paintings. 

Besides the obvious famous artist, they had many artist that I have never heard of. When you look at art you feel as if your in a completely different world. 

Guggenheim Museum

On Sunday November 21, 2010 I went to the Guggenheim Museum. I had never been there before so it was very exciting to see what I could find. They didn’t allow photography above the lobby. So I took a few of the outside and the lobby floor. 

I had taken art during high school, and a semester in college. So it was great to see artist in the museum that I had learned about. I was very excited to see Pablo Picasso art work there right before my eyes. There were a few other artist that caught my eye such as Vasily Kandinsky. I love the way he used different shapes in his paintings, overlapping each other. There is chaos in the picture right in the middle, and a few shapes off by themselves.

[Picture to come.]

So my friend told me to check out, and make some designs. So for my first try around I did made 3 logo’s for a photography. It’s a contest so he picks which ones he likes. Sadly he didn’t like mine so much, but i love mine. At least I can add this to my portfolio. 

So I ended up watching this movie called Shorts. In the movie the girls name was Helvetica. Found it pretty entertaining. She had her own theme song as well.

So I ended up watching this movie called Shorts. In the movie the girls name was Helvetica. Found it pretty entertaining. She had her own theme song as well.

The Concrete Manifesto Project - HW

The demo we did together in class.

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